Reading ‘Gran’

Posted by · 2:41 pm · September 7th, 2008

I’m about half-way through Nick Schenk’s script “Gran Torino,” the Clint Eastwood surprise of 2008 waiting to jump up and bite us all in the ass this December.  So far it’s a really casual, satisfying read.  Some bumps in the first act as Schenk has some trouble settling into the style of the narrative, the consistent racial slurs and the hard-ass Walt Kowalski character (to be played by Eastwood), but it settles in soon enough.

Kowalski is an interesting mix of Paul Newman’s Sully from “Nobody’s Fool” and Eastwood’s own portrayal of Frankie Dunn in “Million Dollar Baby.”  Maybe even a dash of Walter Matthau’s Max Goldman thrown in.  In fact, I’d place “Torino” right in “Baby”‘s wheelhouse so far, lots of that young-people-shedding-light-on-an-old-codger’s-life stuff going on.

More on Tuesday, when we review “Gran Torino” in our Page to Screen column.

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