“It’s about the future versus the past.”

Posted by · 7:01 pm · August 26th, 2008

I’d say he knocked that comfortably out of the park…

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    KBJr. said...

    As far as keynotes go, Warner’s speech will be nationally forgotten by November. No, September. I’m sure he’ll use a lot of footage for his Virginia race, but his lackluster effort will go nowhere for either party message or able red-meat for convention goers. Warner produced no memorable lines, nor was he on-message. “Future vs. Past” is great and all, but that isn’t what the Dems were propagating all night, it was “No how, no way, no McCain.” Obama delievered a speech folks remembered well after the race was decideded. Zell Miller delivered a buzz-worthy keynote, Ann Richards in ’88, Warner will go down as the forgotten.