Last day at The Times

Posted by · 8:31 am · July 11th, 2008

And two more days to go before its back to the other side of the pond. Not that the readership is meant to care, but hey, this blog is the victim of my brain leakage from time to time.

I can’t, however, say that time seemed to fly by.  These last two months have been very long indeed. I’m not entirely sure why, and I certainly had my fair share of fun. Sometimes, it’s just time to go home, I guess.  And your mind knows it.

I’ve had a blast at The Times, one laid-back and classy atmosphere in which to work.  If anyone has a passing interest in some of the stuff I cranked out while parked at the desk here at News International, have a look here.  A lot of press release stuff, plenty of entertainment stories (and to think — I had hoped to peel away from that somewhat).  Fun times throughout.


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