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But Lee wasn’t interested in going through the motions, and instead of adhering to the usual conventions of the genre, he subverted them. Hulk doesn’t really look or feel like a superhero movie. But that’s what’s great about it.

The rest.

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    Rafael said...

    You don’t have to agree with everything that is in the article. Ang Lee’s Hulk is a flawed movie, one of his worst (in a carrer full of jewels). But that is not to say it isn’t ambitious.
    Lee was a bad choice for the project because he is truly a movie making artist.
    My comparison to Lee’s work from the new unknown director movie? The new movie is sucessfully predictable, and completely forgetable in the comming years.
    As you said, it even made less money at opening weekend than the flawed original!
    I am hoping there is an interisting voice to heard in Dark Night!