Greetings from the Regent Street Apple Store

Posted by · 3:56 am · June 16th, 2008

This place is a Mac mecca.  Sheesh…

Anyway, it looks like my world famous bad luck has leaked over into my Mac phase and I’ll likely have to replace the hard drive on my machine.  Luckily its under warranty, but a lot of great photos are lost to the gremlins of cyberspace.  Onward.

I wanted to duck in and mention something about Tim Russert.  I heard the news of his death on the weekend in Belfast (Bush is there today, and his arrival at Heathrow yesterday delayed my flight a few hours…Air Force One was lurking out on the runway like the devil’s carriage that it is).  Anyway, it hit me harder than I thought such news might have.  Here was a guy who knew how to ask the follow-up questions in a media environment concerned with soundbites first, pertinent information second.  Meet the Press was a flagship that seemed to only be navigable with Russert at the helm.

I’m not sure who has the brass to take up the reins in Russert’s wake.  Charlie Rose leaps to mind.  But I don’t know.  It’s a sad moment and a huge blow in an election year, it goes without saying.

Go gently…

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