Harvey Dent’s coming out party in NYC

Posted by · 9:33 am · April 21st, 2008

It looks like Warner Bros. unveiled the new trailer for “The Dark Knight” at the New York Comic-Con over the weekend (I still feel burned they never turned anything up in San Diego last summer). As expected, the PR focus has shifted off of the Joker character in the wake of Heath Ledger’s death and over to Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent.

The new trailer comes amid a flurry of recent viral PR for the film aimed at the district attorney character, both on the net and in the “real world.”

Did I mention how much my head is about to explode with anticipation over this film? And if it’s nearly three hours long — God help me, I’ll be in batty heaven.

But back to Dent, I think this series has the makings of putting Eckhart in a very exciting position in 2011, much like the anticipation over Ledger’s Joker portrayal. Eckhart as Two-Face could be just as explosive, just as creepy and, perhaps, twice as ruthless. We have to get there first, and “The Dark Knight” will be our road there…

…that’s all I’m sayin’.

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