Don’t tread on me

Posted by · 12:07 pm · March 24th, 2008

I’m starting to wonder if a 7-part mini-series was the best way to go on “John Adams.” While there were some great moments with Tom Wilikinson in last night’s third installment, I have to confess, it was largely boring on the whole. Who would go back and re-watch something that tedious?

The history, thankfully, was accurate enough but they are still hanging their hat on that “Adams sacrificed so much for the country” ho-hum. Four episodes to go. I better see the reasons to hate him and but fast.

And I want more David Morse. Sure, he was kind of — awkward as Washington. But Washington WAS awkward, so it’s a weirdly perfect fit. Can’t wait to see the story pick up with him once again.

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